Ella Jo Attitude Is Everything


Ella Jo Attitude Is Everything

2011 CD Album

Co Produced by Steve Spon

‘A porthole where beauty is born of trouble.Passing through a cleansing, uplifting experience.’

‘Work well crafted will always channel human experience into sweet depths, for those brave enough to share it.’

Ella Jo's third album

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"Attitude Is Everything" Front

“Attitude Is Everything” Front

Attitude Is Everything

£9.99 Now only £7.99  including free shipping*
Performed by: Ella Jo
Label: Diamond Seeds
Genre: Indie, Goth, Folk
Catalog #: DSEJ003
Disc: cd
Release date: November 16 2010
1. Lately 2. Plans That Slip
3. She’s Gone 4. She Waits For Gaps
5. Blue Dancers 6. Crossing Over
7. Spellbound Lady 8. Break The Sound
9. God Made Television 10. Through The Gap
independent, neo folk, electronica
2010 Helen Joy street


"Attitude Is Everything" Rear

“Attitude Is Everything” Rear


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