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“Entertaining package for UK fans”

Luton News: Report by Jim McLean

UK Decay have released a great package of entertainment for fans, in the form of a 20 minute, 12 inch record. Lead singer of the local band, non-drinker and non-smoker Abbo, from Farley Hill, told Feedback that Jerusalem had been included for the benefit of fans at their live gigs. Abbo who rubs shoulders with Billy MacKenzie of the Associates on a night out, said the band are getting stronger through touring. ‘We think about what we are doing. Like I don’t smoke or drink because I don’t need the kick from that. I am totally sacrilegious in all respects apart from that,’ he joked. But does fame and fortune change a man? ‘I really don’t have any more money a week than if I was on the dole. I’m not into material things, that’s why the band stayed on independent labels rather than signing a big deal. I go to see a lot of bands, and listen to music all the time, but nothing like a holiday or anything.’ Said Abbo. Their new record Rising From The Dread is on the Corpus Christi label. It’s on sale in Luton’s HMV shop and Discoround now. This band are too good to be just punks.

UK DECAY ‘Rising From The Dread’ (Corpus Christi)

Sounds Music Rag 1981

The most extreme record in the pile, and despite/because of the hostile reactions it’s garnered in the office, a positive effective stab at daring to be different. The first minute or so of ‘Werewolf’ consists of unsettling subhuman growls and sound effects – a perfect setting for Decay’s rousing, invigorating music which is beginning to draw on a deep, almost mystical strength that places them at a point almost equi-distant between the Fall and U2, if that can be imagined, lusting after a supreme physical and mental peak. Decay are sorely misunderstood (as much by a large section of their fans as by blinkered detractors) but vocalist Abbo is predestined to be much more influential soon. I shall interview him and put him on the cover of sounds, but for now, this record has the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut.

Decay To Zero…

Sounds Music Rag 1983

UK Decay whose recent ‘Werewolf’ single topped the indie charts, split up after a gig at London’s Klub Foot, just prior to new Years Eve.

Vocalist Abbo (pictured here) explained; ‘When the band was instigated about three years ago we set certain ideals and directions that we meant to keep, with no concessions or compromises either musically or commercially.

We have now reached the stage where we are far from fulfilling our potential musically but, commercially, the only way we can progress is to bite off one of the carrots we see before us, which would be hypocritical after all we’ve said.

So we feel that now is the time to break up – and my aim is to form a new band that will take risks and which will prove that power need not be lost as a consequence of musical progression.’

Watch out for the exclusive interview with Abbo in next weeks Sounds.

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