The UK Decay Community forums celebrate ten years in 2014. Officially launched in March 2004, however they were open for a developmental period of three months previous to March. Later in 2014 they will migrate to a new server but in the meantime they are still open for chat and community interaction. However please be aware that any offers may no longer be available and that some of the topics are ten years old. We didn’t foresee in the mission statement that UK Decay would ever reform which to everyone’s surprise the band did. So now in 2014 UK Decay are once again performing live and producing records, thanks in large to the bringing together of the community this forum helped achieve.

The forum also served in an age prior to Facebook and Twitter as a gathering and collating point for other aspects of the Luton area and the global punk-based community, with hundreds of individuals posting up their thoughts, sending in their scanned images, helping to make the UK Decay Community web resource, a fantastically rich archive of the life and times of the punk related scenes during the 70’s and 80’s

In The UK Decay Today!
Check in here for informal chat! off the record stuff!
Early Period UK Decay split up in 1983, learn how this forum helped put the pieces together that eventually led to the reformation in 2008.
Matters of ‘Gothiquete’
Debates and debacles of the role and influences of UK Decay in the genesis of the ‘Goth’ Scene.

FRIENDS! Post your profiles here!
The Punk and Goth community and the bands from Luton and the surrounding area from the bygone 70’s and 80’s. The forum that brought back together the ‘Tribe’.
UK DECAY Community Events
Past and future UK Decay Community Events. Such as the ‘Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunions’ With Press releases, News, Maps, updates and links to the photo galleries.
Members Streams,CD & Newsletters
A private area for members only. From here access audio and video downloads, Members newsletters, Exclusive offers or partake in ‘private’ threads
M.I.A (missing in action)
For people to list names of people they want to trace so that others can use the forum with any information they might have on listed names
In Excelsis General
Pop in here to chat and post up any matters relating to In Excelsis. In Excelsis were formed out the ashes of ‘UK Decay’ and ‘Ritual’ in early 1983 and had a number of releases and played many concerts duringtheir 2 year career.
Furyo General
Pop in here to chat and post up any matters relating to Furyo. Forming in early 1983 out of the ashes of UK Decay, they were originally known as ‘Slavedriver’
Other UK Decay websites
Some interesting websites that contain material on UK Decay.
Forthcoming live events
Post your flyers for forthcoming live music events here, no matter where you are in the world! As long as the music is alternative or underground and not blatantly commercial, we do not care please feel welcome to let 300 people a day and rising where your band is playing at. You will have to house your picture banner or flyer elsewhere but you can address it here.
People Requiem
Sadly as time has passed, some of the community have passed away. This forum is a tribute area for the fallen.

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