Furyo Discography

FURYO Discography by Paul Rabjohn

Furyo formed from the ashes of UK Decay in 1983 with Abbo- Voice, Eddie Branch-Bass & Vocals, and Steve Harle-Drums of UK Decay and Albie DeLuca -Guitar formerly from Gene Loves Jezebel

Extended Play 12″ Vinyl Singles

Furyo Mini LP - front

Furyo Mini LP – front

“Furyo” mini-LP

Furyo/Anagram MGRAM 12

Tracks: The Gold of Our Lives / Vultures / In the Arena / Monster of a Thousand Heads/The Opera in the Air

Released March 1984




Furioso Mini LP - front

Furioso Mini LP – front

“Furioso” 12″

Furyo/Anagram 12ANA24

Tracks: Legacy / Chorus / King of Hearts / Cavalcade

Released July 1984





Furyo unfinished album?

Furyo unreleaseded album?

Unreleased Album (??)

Tracks: Exodus / The Burden of Dreams / The World at War / Wakakoukou / Legacy / Ha Ha Ha / Whisper in the Wind

Notes ; this got to the test pressing stage , but was never officially released. Was later put out as a bootleg (on tape) by Grim Humour fanzine.




There is apparently a Japanese album , which I think is the 2 legitimate 12”’s compiled together. Sadly I’ve not seen one in the flesh to confirm all this.

Before forming Furyo

Abbo , Steve Harle and Eddie Branch appeared on 2 compilation albums under different aliases. Albie de Luca had not joined on guitar at this point , these tracks were recorded with a guy called Patrick. Both were played at early Furyo gigs.

Meat of Youth on 'Whip' compilation

Meat of Youth on ‘Whip’ compilation

“Meat of Youth” by Meat of Youth

from “Young Limbs and Numb Hymns” compilation , London Cave 1

 notes; alternatively known as “The Batcave Compilation”




“Slavedrive” by Slavedrive

“Slavedrive” by Slavedrive

“Slavedrive” by Slavedrive

from “The Whip” compilation , Kamera Kam 014





The Whip is now available on Jungle Records , with the Slavedrive track now wrongly credited to UK Decay. As far as I know “Meat of Youth “ has never been re-issued. An early appearance of Furyo on CD is on the “Anagram Punk Singles” compilation , where “Legacy” sits uncomfortably alongside the likes of One Way System and Angelic Upstarts. Further FURYO on compilation CD’s here

All the Furyo releases had the same line-up , singer Abbo , drummer Steve Harle and bassist Eddie Branch (all ex-UK Decay) and guitarist Albie de Luca (ex- Gene Loves Jezebel). Albie played on 2 GLJ singles , “Screaming for Emmalene” and “Bruises”.

Post-Furyo , Abbo got into the management side of the business where he remains. Eddie played in Pete Murphy’s band (live and on record) for several years. Steve was involved behind the scenes with such acts as Click Click and Faith Over Reason. Albie has made a couple of “Rave Guitar” albums and still seems to be doing his thing.

Further information on Compilation’s
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Postscript: Since Paul wrote the above the Cherry Red Label released a CD Album “Furyo Complete” cdmgoth28. Read Paul Rabjohns review here

Furyo Complete

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