The Jets and The Tee Vees

The Jets and The Tee Vees

Phil Imber –
Justin Banvill – Drums
JO – Guitar

Luton’s first punk band started out in life called The Exile’s with a regular Tuesday spot at The Royal Hotel, then Luton’s only gig in late1976 following hot on the heels of The Damned’s celebrated tenth gig at the venue. They quickly built up a following and a set of hard and fast songs. In early 1977 The Exiles changed their name to The Jets and recorded a demo which eventually won them a gig at The Vortex in London. This led on to gigs at Aylesbury and The Roxy in London where they were “first on and first off”. Back in Luton that year they played the Tech college and the The Gryphon and following that they were back at The Roxy in London, this time with a series of shows to be recorded for a live album – “Live At The Roxy”.
They then were invited to take part in the tour of ten bands that appeared on the Roxy album and travelled up to Scotland where they supported The UK Subs.
They then recorded four tracks for a potential single but the master tapes later went missing. They returned to Luton in 1978 for a gig at the Library theatre. After that they embarked on a short trip to Northern Ireland where they met Terry Hooley from the Good Vibration’s label who had recently released Teenage Kicks by The Undertones. “ He helped us with a number of pressings and organized a few dates in Belfast” according to The Jets historical website but it remains unclear as to what the number of pressings was about, however they played a number of gigs there and returned to Luton with a feeling that punk was finished. According to their website the Belfast gig’s were their last but we do have record of The Jets appearing at Barnfield College, Luton Town Hall and at The 33 Arts Centre in late 1978, however this may have been prior to the Northern Ireland tour. The following year The Jets changed their name to The Tee Vees.

The following info is taken from information on their website but it is unclear as to what the title of the production or as to whether or not it was ever released.

track 1 : The Iceburn. (Broadcast : John Peel Show. World Service. 1978)

track 2 : The Impact. (unreleased recording 1978)

track 3 / 4 / 5 : Breakdown (Radio Off)/ Black and White / Devil : (1976/77)
low-fi. recorded in rehearsal room.
Typical fast noisy 2 minute bursts
‘Breakdown’ lyrics taken from a computer readout :

measure next breakdown / measure next breakdown / measure next / data read / data read / read read read / take the next analogue / box to low / box to high / print u value / measure next breakdown / go to stop / go to break / measure next breakdown / breakdown

The Jets Tribute Website
The Jets Good Vibrations

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    The Jets and the Tee Vees

    The-Jets-01 Kaos-Jets-TWS1 Jets-Winders Jets-Poser-Resistors The-Jets-farewell to the Roxy add
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    The 'Voxhall Trax EP' featuring... The 'Tee Vee's' The 'Klips' The 'Fiction' & 'Paranoia' 1979 scanned by RogerThe Klips The Friction The Tee Vee's Paranoia voxhall label side A voxhall label side B
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    The Jets - 'Original Terminal'The Jets Original Terminal 1979 front The Jets Original Terminal 1979 rear

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