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‘For Madmen Only’ (Fresh Records)

Bear with me if I woffle because I’ve lost the song titles list, but I will say that for a band called UK Decay this is their first album. Okay? A logical enough extension of their first class singles, one by one creeping up to the explosive quality displayed here. You should know their implosive style by now. If not this is the perfect place to start.

Side one has unrelenting pace and attack well to the fore. Side two extends into more diverse melodies, often confusingly so. One moment thunder in your earholes, the next…piano. The bass and drums coupling becomes yet more ruthless as this band progresses, the guitar from that man Spon is unique by way of him retaining five strings and the effects are kept out of despicable showman territory, but used instead as splashes of light and shade, and amidst the crunchy rhythms that should send their songs into the hearts of any self respecting Banshees/Bauhaus fans, soars the ubiquitous vocals of Abbo, who if he has one fault it is that having found this particular style he refuses to dismantle it or try anything different, but no matter., this album is everything (and more) that die hard fans were expecting, and the variety and strength that become its major beneficial feature should win them millions more. God knows..

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