In Excelsis Discography

IN Excelsis Discography by Paul Rabjohn

Extended Play 12″ Vinyl Singles

Carnival Of Damocles - front

Carnival Of Damocles – front

Carnival of Damocles – view larger

Jungle Records , Jung 9

Produced by Roy Rowland and In Excelsis at Nagasaki Studios,  London Aug 1983. Cover by Jean

Tracks: The Sword / Vows (Initiation) / One Man’s Heaven / Carnival of the Gullible

Released 1983


Ladder Of Lust - front

Ladder Of Lust – front

Ladder Of Lust – View Larger

Jungle Records , Jung 13

Produced by Roy Rowland and In Excelsis at Nagasaki Studios,  London Feb 1984. Guest performance on Violin and Cello by Justine Armatage. Cover illustration ‘Tragedy Plain’ Paul Wilson.

Tracks: The Window of Innocence / Bonanza / Love Lies / Hidden Touch.

Released 1984

Creeps In The Trees - front

Creeps In The Trees – front

Creeps In The Trees – View Larger

In X Records , In X 1 (12)

Produced by Tim Parry and In Excelsis, engineered by Andy Le Vien. Recorded at R.M.S. Studios Autumn 84. Cover by Mark Bond.

Tracks ; One Day / Eve / Fire

(also available on 7” without “Fire” , presumably In X 1 (7)

Released 1985

Albums 12″ Vinyl

Prey - front

Prey – front

Prey – View Larger

Jungle Freud 8

Compilation of singles , remixes and live tracks. Tracks remixed at R.M.S. Studios 1985. Cover by Mark Bond.

Tracks ; One Man’s Heaven (Dub) / Eve / Love Lies / Fire / Bassman Trigger Happy. | One Day (Dub) / Bonanza (Remix) / Militia / Vows (Live) / The Window of Innocence (Live)

Released 1985.

Peel Session ;

Bonanza / Love Lies / Vows / Fire

Notes ; recorded 25.1.84 , first broadcast 8.2.84. Not officially released.

Appearances on Compilations ;

The only otherwise unavailable tracks I am aware of are ;

“Fire (live in St Albans)” on the “State of Affairs” tape , Pleasantly Surprised records 003 , 1984.

“Vows (live in Heaven)” appears on the Cherry Red DVD “In Goth Daze”. This is still in print.

There are a few tracks on the “Gothic Rock” type compilations , don’t have details on these to hand.

All these recordings had the one line-up , Spon (ex-UK Decay) on guitar , Errol Blyth on vocals , Mark Bond on bass (both ex-Ritual) and Roxy on drums. Prior to In Excelsis Spon put out a few records with UK Decay (as you are doubtless aware , there is a full discography on this website). Ritual released 2 singles (Mind Disease 7” and Kangaroo Court 12”) before splitting when the drummer and guitarist quit to join Death Cult. There is an unreleased album (“Songs for a Dead King”) in circulation as a bootleg.

Post – In Excelsis , Spon has continued to release records with (amongst others) Click Click , Big Eye and Nostramus. I don’t know of any releases by the other 3 band members.

No re-issues seem planned , try Ebay?

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