Steve Spon Music Products

Steve Spon as well as playing guitar with UK Decay, IN Excelsis and Pneumania has written and recorded numerous solo productions. Available here are some of Steve’s Nostramus Project electronica music products including Big Eye T Shirts and Nostramus vinyl ep’s, cd albums and t shirts. Steve is currently working on a fourth Nostramus album.

Also available in our store are some of his co-productions with singer songwriter, Ella Jo. These include four of Ella Jo’s music albums on cd and three cd album’s of spoken stories from Ella Jo’s Gwubbins The Witch series with sound fx and music written especially for kids. Check out the bundled collections currently offering excellent value for money 3 CD collections from £16.49  and 4 CD collections for only £20.00! Please note the bundled collections are only available for a short period of time.

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