Ella Jo Limits Of Milkweed


Ella Jo Limits Of Milkweed

2010 CD Album

Her first album. A collection of classic tunes skillfully constructed from base elements. Songs migrated from simple busking material to studio production, shows just how far ideas can go.

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"Limits Of Milkweed" front cover

“Limits Of Milkweed” front cover

Limits Of Milkweed

£9.99 Now only £7.99 including free shipping*
Performed by: Ella Jo
Label: Diamond Seeds Productions
Genre: dance, folk, indie, Drum and Bass,
Catalog #: DSEJ001
Disc: cd
Release date: March 6 2010
1. Amarylis 2. Subplane Highway
3. Jacobs Ladder 4. Goodbye To The Monsoon
5. Dancing In The Shade 6. Perception
7. Heartbreak Girls 8. Himalaya
9. Must Be A Mystery 10. Diamonds Don’t Go
popular music, neo folk, electronica,
copyright by Helen Joy Street for Diamond Seeds Productions
"Limits Of Milkweed" Rear

“Limits Of Milkweed” Rear

“Some people are strange, with an ability to move in and around various styles, either in cunning disguise, exploring to stretch themselves, or because they have so many interests they need to rove at will. One such person is Ella here, who abseils down credible styles, then swims leisurely through the occasional commercial caprice. Guiding and abiding is none other than Steve Spon who played on, then produced and engineered it, and Terry Bartlett is equally important having provided some of the songs. Put all that together and what you have is quite lovely”
Mick Mercer


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