Ella Jo Almost Anglo Saxon


Ella Jo Almost Anglo Saxon

2014 CD Album

Steve Spon Music Production

I like to think each song tells a story and gives some insight into the human condition all those years ago. Included on the album are tracks called: The Song of Wayland Smithy, The Hidden Hoard, Dragon Ships, Wassail The Night, Feel Love, Ethelred – The Unready Blues, The Ballard Of St Margaret, The Minstrel’s Song and Vortigern’s Surprise.

In an attempt to deconstruct what we understand as ‘music’ we have used our imagination to visualize what Anglo Saxon musicians may have been inspired by, with modern day recording techniques. Thus we have sampled wolves, owls and other birds. The wind, the sea, bells, anything that we feel is appropriate to the song. Yet I have also included things that please me – we are not Anglo Saxons – the ‘Almost’ in the title gave me permission to sense the songs from a modern perspective.

The aim of this project is to entertain and educate. This project is also a testament to the skill of the sound engineer, Steve Spon, and proof that a simple concept can be such a lot of fun and be well received by music lovers of all types.

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"Almost Anglo Saxon" Front

“Almost Anglo Saxon” Front

Almost Anglo Saxon

£9.99 Now only £7.99  including free shipping*
Performed by: Ella Jo Street
Label: Diamond Seeds
Genre: NeoFolk
Catalog #: DSEJ004
UPC bar code: 885007267041
Disc: cd
Release date: December 11 2014
1. Swirling and Whirling 2. The Hidden Hoard
3. Ethelred The Unready Blues 4. Minsterels Song
5. Wassail The Night 6. Ballard Of St Margaret
7. Vortigerns Surprise 8. Through The Eyes Of An Eagle
9. The Song Of Wayland Smithy 10. Dragon Ships
Historical, Educational, Groovy, Electronica
This material is copyright to Helen Joy Street


"Almost Anglo Saxon! Rear

“Almost Anglo Saxon! Rear


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