Nostramus THC Dark Ambience


Nostramus as The Hidden Core:  Dark Ambience
2010 CD Album

A feast of sound-scarped nightmare visions and eclectic journeys. Culled from the darker psychotropic-fueled imagination of Steve Spon’s sonic wizardry. Steve is the legend behind  UK Decay, In Excelsis, The Big Eye, Bud Brothers and Nostramus.

Written and Produced by Steve Spon

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"Dark Ambience" Front

“Dark Ambience” Front

Dark Ambience

The Dark Ambience Project: Nostramus
£9.99 Now only £7.99 including free shipping-
Performed by: The Hidden Core NOSTRAMUS
Label: Diamond Seeds
Genre: Experimental, Dark, Gothic, Ambience, Industrial
Catalog #: DS-THC-001
UPC bar code: 885007132943
Disc: CD
Release date: August 28 2010
1. Pieces of Grail movement one, The Unfoldment 2. Beyond Your Judgement
3. Pieces of Grail movement two, A New Person Is Born 4. House Of The Big Eye
5. Pre-Prequiem Mass 6. The Aether and the Pendulum
7. Eyes In The Dark 8. Pieces of Grail movement three. The Dark Matters
9. The Haunted Church 10. It’s Not Real Grief
11. Don’t Go Out Into The Fog 12. Pieces of Grail movement four, The Gates
13. Brief Instance Of Pleasure
Psychotropic-fueled Enhancement!
Written and Produced by Steve Spon
Copyright, The Hidden Core, Diamondseeds Productions
"Dark Ambience" THC Front

“Dark Ambience” THC Front



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