Nostramus became a vehicle for Spon’s solo production talents in the arena of Electronica. Initially during the 1990’s a plethora of tracks built up to the 1996 release of Earthlights on Recordings Of Substance in the UK and Shadow Records in the USA. In 2004 work was started on a new album but stalled until 2012 when Doomsday Dot Com was released on Diamondseeds. The Dark Ambience Project, beats removed, a spin off with ephemeral passages drifting through morphing textures and dark sound images, Threatening and sinister cinemascopic orchestral memes collide with a giant pendulum blade over a slab. Take a trip through Spon’s wilder audio-sonic masterpieces.

“Twenty first century pagan drum & bass”. 9/10. DJ Mag, June ’97

“This is the shit. I cannot stop listening to this motherfucker. The man behind the muzeek here is SPON, and this cat has laid down the most spiritual and earth shaking jungle/dub work that I have ever heard.” Ink 19 July 98