Nostramus Doomsday Dot Com


Nostramus:  Doomsday Dot Com 2011 CD Album

Is this the end of drum and bass as we know it?
Nostramus explores end times prophecies as the new millennium unfolds and tears into new rhythm, depth, darkness and rhyme..Including samples which expose media hysteria among both dark and lighter themes. Nostramus comments on the phenomena that shape our early 21st century; times where fear is founded for some, and a plaything for others.
Nostramus is the alter ego of UK Decay’s Steve Spon and this is the second official album. Steve Spon’s diligent and dexterous drum programming for Nostramus provides a perfect anecdote and accompaniment to his  usual acclaimed post punk and Gothic guitar style.

Written and Produced by Steve Spon

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"Doomsday Dot Com" Front

“Doomsday Dot Com” Front

Doomsday Dot Com

“Is this the end of Drum and Bass as we know it?”
£9.99 Now only £7.99 including free shipping*
Performed by: Nostramus
Label: Diamond Seeds Productions
Genre: Electronica, Drum and Bass
Catalog #: DS-NS-002
Disc: cd
Release date: September 6 2011
1. Doomsday Dot Com 2. Strange Pursuit
3. Hero of Bamboo Stick 4. Wow! Interesting
5. Dannay-Ting 6. We Do What Do We
7. The Dark Dayz 8. Lights Out!
9. The Goat 10. Duel-Battle of the Elements
11. The Facts Dont Matter Anymore 12. He Who Dares Wins
UPC 5020883339931
Eclectic Hardcore Dub
P & C Nostramus for Diamond Seeds Productions
"Doomday Dot Com" Rear

“Doomday Dot Com” Rear


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