Below are a selection of some of the best moments of UK Decays early period music and video footage.

The first couple by eddieredblood and oldstockvideo both have added video footage to live performance. For My Country live footage is filmed at the Music Machine and is from the ‘Segovia’ on bass period about 1980. The Dekadance live footage is from Friars, Aylesbury in 1982 and is amusingly interspersed with some twee ballet dancing footage complete with the odd critters mincing across .

For My Country
Uploaded by eddieredblood

Uploaded by oldstockvideo

‘Dresden’ Luton Carnival 1982
Live footage from the Luton Carnival in May 1982. Just prior to this video kicking in, the build up of tension and drama between the feisty crowd of belt waving punks and a group of footy hooli’s spoiling for a fight climaxed with like what can only be described as a school playground brawl – with nearly the entire front crowd dashing stage left to hopefully catch glimpse of a showdown. Instead the old bill waiting in the wings promptly arrested the culprits from both sides and were marching them of to the waiting vans.
The video cuts in at this point with the intro of “Dresden” as Spon’s opening solemn but magnificent guitar motives add color and a moment of reflection to the proceedings. With the earlier demon vanquished the belt waving whirling dervishes peak out to the crescendo of ” nineteen eighty germany” in celebration. Footage from the entire gig is available on Youtube, just follow the embed links on the video.

Classic early period live

Unexpected Guest in Berlin 1981 uploaded by Battleoftheelements

A rare clip of vintage UK Decay performing their classic ‘Unexpected Guest’ in early 1981 at the ‘Music Halle’, Berlin.

Just before the bands winter European tour, bass player Martin ‘Segovia’ Smith had quit the band and was temporary replaced by Lorraine ‘Lol’ Turvey as seen in this video.

Seen in retrospect, this clip shows just how ‘Goth’ decay were! Abbo introduces the ‘Hyde’ mask for the first time and the band shine in between the darkness and strobe lights. UK Decay footage is extremley rare and is usually taken from 25 year old VHS tapes, as in the case of this clip which we think was shot by Georgio and Riff Raff from the Berlin band; The Trashers.

Unwind at Dingwalls 1981 uploaded by battleoftheelements

UK Decay Live at Dingwalls in early 1981. With Lorraine Turvey on Bass Guitar. This gig was probably the last gig that Lorraine played with UK Decay

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Video’s from UK Decay’s later period

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