Luton Area Punk 1977 – 1989 Gallery

Luton Area Punk 1977 -1989 Gallery

“Faces Gallery”

 “FACES GALLERY”       Slideshow

Hundreds of pictures taken from the hey day of the punk, post punk, new romantic and goth scene’s in the Luton & surrounding area form 1977 to 1989. Spot yourself here or take a peek at a previous generation enjoying themselves!


Candy Stripe and the Statix

“Candy Stripe and the Statix”

“THE STATIX”            Slideshow

Picture gallery for Candy Stripe and the Statix! One of Luton’s finest post punk bands – In an alternative universe, The Statix would have gone all the way



Karma Sutra

“Karma Sutra”

“KARMA SUTRA”          Slideshow

Gallery for Lutons finest ‘Anarcho-Pacifist’ band, Karma Sutra & Phallic Symbols pics






“The Rattlesnakes”

“RATTLESNAKES”      Slideshow

Gallery for the Rattlesnakes and The Remnants Bugsy & Greg Herbert, Rob and crew from the 80’s



Luton Area Punk 1977 -1989 Gallery

“Condemned and Tantra”

“CONDEMNED”       Slideshow

Gallery for the Condemned and Tantra; Bedford’s finest with Andy, Sue, Anee and company




Luton Area Punk 1977 -1989 Gallery

“Screaming Blue Murder”


Gallery for Screaming-Blue-Murder; Luton Paul Goodwin & Big Al Hussey with Anee and others, some fine photo’s.





The Party Girls

“The Party Girls”

“THE PARTY GIRLS”     Slideshow

Gallery for The Party Girls ; Luton, with Ray Philpott, Dan the Man, Johny ‘G’ and not forgetting Pete ‘Paris’ Payne. (Both Ray and Jon now in UK Decay)






Other Luton Lu7 Bands

“Other Luton Lu7 Bands”

“MORE LUTON LU7”      Slideshow

Gallery for assorted Luton, Leighton, Stevenage, Bedford, Milton Keynes, St Albans, Hitchin, Northampton and north London bands



Luton Area Punk Record Scans

“Luton Area Punk Record Scans”


Assorted record cover scans from Luton, Leighton, Stevenage, Bedford, Milton Keynes, St Albans, Hitchin, Northampton and north London bands




Sandra k's Scrapbook

“Sandra k’s Scrapbook”

“SANDRA’S  SCRAPBOOK”       Slideshow

Gallery for Sandra K’s Scrapbook scans including local press footage for the 1979 – 1981 period in Luton.




Luton area punk flyers 1978 - 1989

“Luton area punk flyers 1978 – 1989”

“LUTON AREA FLYERS 1978 – 1989” Slideshow

Gallery for punk and post punk posters and flyers, and press clippings from the 1978 – 1989 period in Luton and area.




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