The DK-Clan Projects

The clan of bands and solo projects of the UK Decay family tree.

In the beginning.. sometime around ’78 the precursory bands molded into shape

The Resistors, Pneumania

Abbo, Steve Harle,  Martin Segovia Smith | Steve Spon

UK Decay

Various line-up changes (see ‘band-members’)  | Ed Branch

Slave Driver – Meat of Youth – Furyo

Abbo, Steve Harle, Ed Branch, Patrick? | Albie de Luca (Gene Loves Jezebel)

Ed Branch

Kommunity FX, Pete Murphy

In Excelsis

Steve Spon, Mark Bond, Errol Blythe (Ritual), Colin Rocks (Later played with The Fall)

The Big Eye

Steve Spon, Derek e Smith, Graham Stronach (Formerly with Click Click)


Steve Spon, Graham Stronach (As ‘MC13’), Caroline Nische, Prince Malachi

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