Return to WGT after 5 years

UK Decay celebrate their 40th anniversary in hot style as they return to Leipzig in Germany’s wonderful Wave Gotic Treffen Festival 28







WGT-2019-ukdk:  photo courtesy of Oliver Krapp 2019



Big thanks to Oliver Krapp for the video’s

UK Decay – 2 major performances added for Summer 2019 !!


UK Decay 40 Anniversary Line-up

UK Decay 40 Anniversary Line-up

UK Decay will headline Wave – Gotik Festival in Leipzig on Friday 7th June.
The band gave one of their best live performances at this very festival in 2014 and form for a concert packed with songs ranging right from their debut releases to the “New Hope From The Dead” album (on CD here, or on vinyl here , and on all streaming platforms )

Hope you can come along and catch what is one of the best festivals in the world , in a city packed full of historical buildings , culture and the delights of the night .

The WGT venue is Täubchenthal and we are headlining the Friday night, that’s Friday June 7th on stage at 2200hr.

Castle Party Festival – Bolkow Poland – Bolkow , Poland Saturday 13th July

Settings don’t come much better than this – one of the largest music festivals in Europe , held in Bolkow Castle . Decay will be rocking a set on the main castle stage early on Saturday evening with other acts like Atari Teenage Riot .

The Castle Party Festival is at Castle Bolkow in Poland on Saturday 13th July,galeria.html

Summer Shows 2019 Update!

UK Decay are back to celebrate their fortieth anniversary

UPDATE: For those seeking news of UK Decay shows……….It now seems we may have to plan our UK gigs for later in the year. The shows we have confirmed are Wave Gottic Trefen , Leipzig, Germany. Friday June 7th and Castle Festival , Wroclaw, Poland Saturday 13th July. Rebellion was sadly messed up and nothing else suitable yet has been found that works with various members calendars. I know those two gigs are a hell of a long way from home but I have heard that some from the UK will be going to WGT.. We are on a rehearsal schedule and are beginning to fire on all four cylinders once again for the summer gigs mentioned and we had hoped the right UK gigs would turn up but for one reason or another it has just not yet come together. we thank you for your patience and hopefully we will soon have some better news soon! Adios Comrades!!

The WGT venue is Täubchenthal and I am told we are headlining the Friday night, that’s Friday June 7th. The Castle Party Festival is at Castle Bolkow in Poland on Saturday 13th July

UK Decay on Youtube

UK Decay’s Spon featured on Anglia Punk Docu

Matt Hudson and Steve Spon discuss life in punk Luton back in the day.

Matt Hudson and Steve Spon discuss life in punk Luton back in the day.

Steve Spon was featured recently in an Anglia TV special marking 40 years since the punk movement. This two part mini documentary series is about punk in the Eastern Counties and is hosted by Anglia TV’s Matt Hudson who was a big punk fan and UK Decay fan.
Also featured are Steve Ignorant from Crass, Charlie Harper from UK Subs and author and university lecturer Matt Worley whose new book No Future is an in-depth look at the effect punk had on politics and culture.

There are also some still shots of early 1980’s Luton Punks featured on the show taken from our very own UK Decay Communities web archive.


It comes in two parts…


Marking 40 years since the punk movement

Marking 40 years since the punk movement

Part One

Punk memories: Looking back at legendary venues in our region

Punk memories: Looking back at legendary venues in our region

Part Two

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UK Decay Communities and UK-DECAY Heritage

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UK Decay Luton Punks



Luton: Centre of the Punk Rock Universe

With Abbo and Spon….

Spon (left) Abbo (right) at DV8 2012

Spon (left) Abbo (right) at DV8 2012

Abbo and I will be at Luton’s Hat Factory Art’s and Media Centre on Friday 25th November to talk about Punk in the Luton area back in the late seventies. This is part of the “40 years of Punk” celebrations going down over November at that venue and widely across the country. I am hoping to put together a few slides of various characters, bands, venues, fanzines from Luton and the surrounding are during the late seventies early eighties period. Hopefully this inspire discussion among ourselves and the audience.

Then Justin Saban will join us and we shall perform a couple our punk platters ‘unplugged’ style. So after I have written this I had better dust off the cobwebs of my guitar and get practicing!

When are UK Decay returning for more gigs and recordings? – As part of the talk we shall be hosting a questions and answers session hopefully this question and many others will be answered!

Tickets are just £5.00 bookable in advance from here

Further info



The Poetry of Punk:

Tenderness and Rage

After the recent hiatus in the bands live appearances both Steve ‘Abbo’ Abbott and guitarist Steve Spon will be taking part in the 40 years of punk celebrations later in the year. Further details to be announced soon.

What we can announce is that following the recent ‘Lutonia’ poetry and spoken word festival,  Abbo is curating a festival of punk poetry at the Kings Place , an independently funded arts and music venue in Kings Cross, London.

Hosted by BBC 6 Music’s  Steve Lamacq,  8pm on Saturday 11th June 2016,  Hall One at Kings Place 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

Amongst the frenzied rage of the punk era are some of the most romantic lyrics in the English language. How has punk weaved love, social commentary and uprising so successfully?

Hosted by Steve Lamacq, our festival finale celebrates the poetry of punk with musicians who birthed the movement and transformed the landscape of lyrics with their blistering new approach.

Join The Adverts’ TV Smith, Pauline Murray of Penetration and Crass’ Penny Rimbaud as they discuss Punk’s lyrical heart, and for a unique opportunity to hear them perform some of their hard-hitting classics.

Curated by Steve Abbott, whose early punk playlist and interview with us about the event you can listen to below:

Further information: Kings Place, .Tickets and Booking

Crimewave hits Luton

Sat 7 May, Russ CrimeWave performs UK Decay lyrics in front of Luton Town Hall.

There wasn’t exactly a crowd but a series of puzzled onlookers who thought they were watching a priest or some sort of crazed politician. The mayor with his gold chain was sat there looking quite unsure for a while before moving on. When he read out the lyrics for  “Killer for the USA” , a bemused asian youth shouted out “what do you mean?” “Killer for the USA” . After a moment of explanation and on receiving a free “God So Loves Decay” lyric book, the youth and his pals walked away puzzled.

All in all , it was a really surreal experience, the poet enjoyed his performance and so did a group of us, the public registered a strange happening under the statue of liberty by the town hall for two hours.the point had been made! Heavy Metal Jews in mind of all the anti-semetism stuff that had gone down, was a bit nerve racking but, I think in the name of punk and poetry , it prevailed!
It was actually really interesting hearing the songs, read out in this way, could this be the start of something new in a similar vane perhaps (sic) ‘punk poetique?’

Finally a confused and indignant looking raconteur priest type chap arrived , apparently he was the regular bible basher for that spot, he had to wait his turn, he turned out to be good humoured thankfully!


Rising From The Dread -Re release!

Rising From The Dread EP: 2015

Rising From The Dread EP: 2015

UK Decay’s 1982 mini-album on clear vinyl and reformatted insert written by Dave Jennings available here for just £13.50 including shipping to the UK

The classic twelve inch recording includes the hugely influential eleven minute track Werewolf which occupies the whole of Side 1 and was described in The Guardian in 2010 as the scariest song ever. Side 2 contains Jerusalem (over the White Cliffs of Dover), Rising From the Dead and Testament. The record was the first release of the Corpus Christi label, an offshoot of Crass Records, and made the Top 10 of the Independent Chart in 1982.

1. Werewolf
3.Rising From The Dead
4. Testament


Terror and Wonder

The Face of Punk Gothique

Spon at the The Face of Punk Gothique

“Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination”

British Library until 20th January

A giant size poster of the seminal Sounds article “The Face Of Punk Gothique” and The Black 45  appears at the British Library, both shown as exhibit’s in the Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination exhibition.

Visit the Luton Community heritage site to find out more ..Spon investigates….

Wonderful Town Update

Here is an update for the Wonderful Town Project.

Wonderful Town black-vinyl

Wonderful Town black-vinyl

£5759.83 has been raised so far to SoLYD and Lutonfoodbank
To date over 850 physical copies and over 1000 downloads have been sold to Hatters and Decay fans throughout the UK and Ireland and Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the USA.
The Hatters Hatters video has had over 12,000 views on the Club’s You Tube channel.
The release attracted local, regional and national radio, press and TV interest, including features on Diverse FM, 3CR, Anglia news, 5 Live and The Luton News and the Daily Telegraph.
 There is still remaining stock for sale in the Luton Town FC club shop in the Mall or in Kenilworth Road.  The EP is still available for download on I tunes and check out for very limited edition t shirts, hand pressed orange vinyl singles and screen prints.
The band are overwhelmed and grateful for the support from Hatters and UK Decay fans, and townsfolk and we hope to reach our target of £7000.
Many thanks again, more updates to follow.
UK Decay

Meet Justin “Justinhio” Saban

Some of you may be wondering who is the new guitarist that has recently replaced ‘Johnny G’ who departed earlier this year. Justin “Justinhio” Saban has made appearances at the recent ‘Scum’  and ‘Rebellion’ Festival’s in the UK. Passport issues prevented his appearance at the ‘WGT Festival in Leipzig.

“We were all disappointed that guitarist Johnny G decided to quit the band for ‘personal reason’s’ earlier this year – we would like to wish him all the best for his future plans.
Justin will now help fill out our sound, he has great technique and with the feedback energy of the Decay sound together, will help ignite our performance”
say’s guitarist Steve Spon

So meet Justin “Justinhio” Saban

Justin-Saban at Rebellion Festival 2014

Justin-Saban at Rebellion Festival 2014

Well known on the Luton scene as a recording engineer, Justin has also worked at studios such as Fortress and Southern in London, being heavily influenced by the techniques and punk ethic of John Loder and Steve Albini. As well as championing Luton bands through his Latent Lemon label, he has also recorded many alternative/post hardcore/punk bands.
Justin was re-introduced to UK Decay’s music while working on the Wonderful Town EP, and was hooked, he just had to join the band!
Although discovering in his teens the joy of experimental guitar noise and building fuzz boxes, Justin bizarrely started off gigging properly by playing jazz and big band with folks from Ronnie Scott’s and Humphrey Lyttelton’s bands. However it wasn’t long before the need to make a healthy distorted din enticed him into playing with Luton band Walking On Ice. After leaving WOI he mostly retreated into the studio, producing and playing guitar on many recordings.
Justin owns Latent Lemon Audio and also designs and builds effects pedals, and is an all-things-guitar-and-ampy boffin. You can stalk him at: and

Wonderful Town LTD Editions

In April 2014 UK Decay released the Wonderful Town EP, paying homage to their home town and football club and raising money for two Luton based charities;  Luton Food Bank and SoLYD (Supporters of Luton Youth Development).

We now have some very special and limited collectors items for sale and offered exclusively to UK Decay fan groups.  These include an extremely limited run of 45 hand pressed coloured vinyl EP.  Each one is individual and unique with Perry from Diamond Black pouring orange onto clear vinyl and then adding small quantities of blue and orange after each press.

We also have three numbered hand pulled silk screen proofs (from an edition of 10) of the front and rear sleeve artwork brilliantly done by A Thin Place. One set was recently auctioned for a £1000! Each proof is slightly different . This is truly a one-off opportunity to secure a rare piece of original punk artwork.

Interested? View items here

Remember, all profits go to Lutonfood bank and SoLYD.We will update you on how much has been raised, with cheque presentations to the charities planned before a Luton home game at Kenilworth Road. Be part of the wonderful Town Story!!

With love and gratitude

Che, Abbo, Spon, Ed and Ray.