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WANTED: Contributors to add their voice to a new book!
‘Testament -The Life and AFTERLIFE of UK Decay’
by D.J

This is a study of the emergence of one of the most progressive, influential, yet largely under-rated bands to emerge from the British post-punk scene. Set against the turbulent background of a rapidly evolving and often tribal youth culture, this is the story of how a ‘provincial’ group, influenced by the first wave of punk, developed into one of the leading independent bands and in the process helped to initiate and shape a whole new genre of music and fashion.

The book will draw on extensive interviews with members of the band, their contemporaries from the music scene and their loyal following. Articles and interviews from the music press of the time and analysis from leading music journalists will help to bring to life an era that was innovative, productive but at times violent and chaotic.

Central themes that will emerge are the DIY ethic of the punk era and a set of principles and attitudes that helped to define a generation amidst a context of political influence on the music scene and popular culture. Also examined will be the influence on what became known as ‘Goth’, the extraordinary rebirth and return to recording by the band in the recent past and their appeal to a new young, international audience. ‘Testament’ will relate a compelling tale of uncompromising principles, survival and ultimate triumph against the odds.

What or who are we looking for?

We are looking for contributors to this exciting new book! If you were around in UK Decay’s early period and have experiences that involve the band and the scene during the years 1978 – 1985 in the Luton area or involved with the DIY ethic of the punk era, we would like you to share some of your thoughts and memories. Whether a musician, promoter, journalist, fanzine writer, punter, or simply Joe or Josephine Blogs if you have an anecdotal or factual account you would like to share in the book, please get involved!

How can you contribute?

At the moment, we are hoping to get an overview of the early days and would be very interested to hear your memories of :

  • Early punk and how you got into it
  • Early memories of Decay
  • Any early gigs you remember
  • Your involvement in the scene
  • Anything about your area and venues, other bands on the scene etc

Please use the form below to add your answers to the above questions…