New Hope For The Dead: Reviews

Intravenous Mag

“there is no denying that UK Decay have created, in ‘New Hope For The Dead’, an album which is both contemporary and relevant..more

The Skinny

“it’s packed with the same kind of energy one would associate with a much younger band…..and…UK Decay have proven their relevance with a fruitful set of new recordings…more

Louder Than War

“UK Decay have never sounded better, with Ed Branch’s bass power perfectly complemented by the invigorating drumming of Raymondo, providing the tightest rhythm platform for the unique sound of Spon’s guitar and biting intensity of Abbo’s vocals. The production is simply outstanding…more

Written In Music

“An album that pulsates and shimmers and a band and a producer sounds that clearly have the
best out of themselves…more

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Ant Blog

“As then, the four of Luton, offer to the people the unmistakable mix dark-based post-punk, gothic rock, punk, punk positive, stinging and poisonous neurotic and sharp as ever. The album sounds like a dream, it smells pleasantly of old, but at the same time, and also thanks to the flawless production and modern at the hands of Chris Tsangarides, is very topical and absolutely perfect for the troubled mind that we are living and for the future…more

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“With 11 tracks of varied styles of post-punk rock, New Hope For The Dead is not just the comeback of UK Decay, but also a well needed stand against the violent madness that has been brewing around the world…more

Real Gone Rocks

“So much anger colours almost every lyric on this comeback disc; there’s nothing fake or tossed off with an uncaring attitude. Nothing suggests that ‘New Hope’ is about nostalgia or (worse) about making money; as if the rage has been building for three decades Abbo and his crew are as sharp as you remember them…more

Tribe4mian’s Weblog

“Stunning album artwork by artist Franco B, superb production, and 11 great tracks of punk rock attitude.  This album is a must…more

Fame Magazine

“This new album is one that echoes much of UK Decay’s past and yet it also brings their original punk ethos right up to date. The songs here are edgy, meaningful, fun and thoughtful all at once. In other words this is a punk band with a purpose…more

Uber Rock

“Not only is ‘New Hope For The Dead’ one of the most startlingly surprising albums I’ve heard this year (beating ‘The Terror Of Modern Life by Goldblade hands down on the bleak stakes strangely without ever once sounding bleak) it is also one of the best records I’ve heard of its kind since perhaps ‘Night Time’ first singed my teenage lugholes back in 1985, and that in itself is no small feat when it comes to this record’s caustic yet compelling appeal …….If you have a brain in your head then ‘New Hope For The Dead’ is a record you must own….NOW!!!!….more


“A unique style, charisma, controversy, aggressiveness all the elements from the beginning of UK Decay were characteristic hallmarks of the band, despite the passage of years the new album “New Hope For The Dead” proves all that is great….. The legend lives on!…..more

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  2. The new album is quality .. that great ukdecay sound from their first album … great production … full sound ……. New Hope for the Dead is, for me, as good as For Madmen Only.

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