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Summer Shows 2019 Update!

UK Decay are back to celebrate their fortieth anniversary

UPDATE: For those seeking news of UK Decay shows……….It now seems we may have to plan our UK gigs for later in the year. The shows we have confirmed are Wave Gottic Trefen , Leipzig, Germany. Friday June 7th and Castle Festival , Wroclaw, Poland Saturday 13th July. Rebellion was sadly messed up and nothing else suitable yet has been found that works with various members calendars. I know those two gigs are a hell of a long way from home but I have heard that some from the UK will be going to WGT. It is incredibly difficult getting stuff together with DK , with busy day jobs and family commitments etc. We are on a rehearsal schedule and are beginning to fire on all four cylinders once again for the summer gigs mentioned and we had hoped the right UK gigs would turn up but for one reason or another it has just not yet come together. we thank you for your patience and hopefully we will soon have some better news soon! Adios Comrades!!

The WGT venue is Täubchenthal and I am told we are headlining the Friday night, that’s Friday June 7th. The Castle Party Festival is at Castle Bolkow in Poland on Saturday 13th July

  1. UK Decay on Youtube
  2. UK Decay’s Spon featured on Anglia Punk Docu
  3. Steve Spon was featured recently in an Anglia TV special marking 40 years since the punk movement. This two part mini documentary series is about punk in the Eastern Counties and is hosted by Anglia TV’s Matt Hudson who was … Continue reading

  4. UK Decay Autumn Sale!
  5. Was 11.99 GBP Now Only 8.99 GBP Nights Of Celebration 2017 Limited Edition   Was 11.99 GBP Now only 8.99 GBP Death So Fatal 2017 Limited Edition   Was 12.99 GBP Now only 8.99 GBP For Madmen Only 2009 CD … Continue reading

  6. Luton: Centre of the Punk Rock Universe
  7. With Abbo and Spon…. Abbo and I will be at Luton’s Hat Factory Art’s and Media Centre on Friday 25th November to talk about Punk in the Luton area back in the late seventies. This is part of the “40 … Continue reading

  8. Brexit
  9. Who wants to stay today and see the UK Decay….

  10. The Poetry of Punk:
  11. Tenderness and Rage After the recent hiatus in the bands live appearances both Steve ‘Abbo’ Abbott and guitarist Steve Spon will be taking part in the 40 years of punk celebrations later in the year. Further details to be announced … Continue reading

  12. Crimewave hits Luton
  13. Sat 7 May, Russ CrimeWave performs UK Decay lyrics in front of Luton Town Hall. There wasn’t exactly a crowd but a series of puzzled onlookers who thought they were watching a priest or some sort of crazed politician. The … Continue reading

  14. Rising From The Dread -Re release!
  15. UK Decay’s 1982 mini-album on clear vinyl and reformatted insert written by Dave Jennings available here for just £13.50 including shipping to the UK The classic twelve inch recording includes the hugely influential eleven minute track Werewolf which occupies the … Continue reading

  16. Terror and Wonder
  17. “Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination” British Library until 20th January A giant size poster of the seminal Sounds article “The Face Of Punk Gothique” and The Black 45  appears at the British Library, both shown as exhibit’s in the … Continue reading

  18. Wonderful Town Update
  19. Here is an update for the Wonderful Town Project. £5759.83 has been raised so far to SoLYD and Lutonfoodbank To date over 850 physical copies and over 1000 downloads have been sold to Hatters and Decay fans throughout the UK and … Continue reading

  20. Meet Justin “Justinhio” Saban
  21. Some of you may be wondering who is the new guitarist that has recently replaced ‘Johnny G’ who departed earlier this year. Justin “Justinhio” Saban has made appearances at the recent ‘Scum’  and ‘Rebellion’ Festival’s in the UK. Passport issues … Continue reading

  22. Wonderful Town LTD Editions
  23. In April 2014 UK Decay released the Wonderful Town EP, paying homage to their home town and football club and raising money for two Luton based charities;  Luton Food Bank and SoLYD (Supporters of Luton Youth Development). We now have … Continue reading

  24. Mid-Summer Latest
  25. Follow the below link to view the Rock Palast interview with Abbo and UK Decay at the recent Wave Gotic Treffen Festival in Leipzig. Rock Palast Germany WGT 23 2014

  26. Gigs Gigs Gigs!
  27. Wave Gotic Treffen 2014 Germany Leipzig Sunday 8 June : Agra Hall 7.35pm “FOR MY COUNTRY” at the recent Whitby Goth Weekend Sunday 25 May 2014, Scum Festival, ~London June 6-9th, Wave Gottic Treffen – Leipzig Saturday 9th August, Rebellion … Continue reading

  28. LTFC Champions! Wonderful Town – See UK DECAY Live
  29. LTFC have been crowned Conference Premier Champions 2013/14 ! LTFC 2014 Meet the Players – Luton Town Football Club Press Release.. The Town are aiming to help Lutonian punk band UK Decay hit the top of the charts and raise … Continue reading