Summer Shows 2019 Update!

UK Decay are back to celebrate their fortieth anniversary

UPDATE: For those seeking news of UK Decay shows……….It now seems we may have to plan our UK gigs for later in the year. The shows we have confirmed are Wave Gottic Trefen , Leipzig, Germany. Friday June 7th and Castle Festival , Wroclaw, Poland Saturday 13th July. Rebellion was sadly messed up and nothing else suitable yet has been found that works with various members calendars. I know those two gigs are a hell of a long way from home but I have heard that some from the UK will be going to WGT.. We are on a rehearsal schedule and are beginning to fire on all four cylinders once again for the summer gigs mentioned and we had hoped the right UK gigs would turn up but for one reason or another it has just not yet come together. we thank you for your patience and hopefully we will soon have some better news soon! Adios Comrades!!

The WGT venue is Täubchenthal and I am told we are headlining the Friday night, that’s Friday June 7th. The Castle Party Festival is at Castle Bolkow in Poland on Saturday 13th July

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