New Hope for the Dead is the title of UK Decay’s new full-length studio album

New Hope for the Dead : UK Decay’s new full-length studio album
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New Hope for the Dead is the title of UK Decay’s new full-length studio album and is a heavy, sonic assault built upon the politics of dissent.

Produced by rock legend Chris ‘The Dark Lord’ Tsangerides, the new songs cover a wealth of subjects, from the fracturing nature of society and the twin evils of extremism and bigotry, to the lack of engagement by today’s generation and the attraction of things that ultimately harm us.

“We’re not here for a nostalgic reunion, we’re here because we’ve got something to say,” says singer Abbo. “There’s been three or four generations of music since we split up but no one’s really taken up the mantle of kicking against a world of apathy, discrimination and totalitarianism.”

Long-hailed as one of the godfathers of post-punk, UK Decay reformed three years ago after a hiatus of three decades. Since then, they’ve played to audiences across Europe and have been well received by a new generation of fans, alongside those who saw them the first time around.

“We’re finding our voice resonates with old and new alike,” says guitarist Spon. “It’s a new time but the same problems exist. We’ve always been a political band, but one that’s able to reference human passions too. The new album encapsulates all of that and presents it with a sound that’s the best we’ve ever achieved.”

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New Hope For The Dead is available in CD, Vinyl and Download formats.

For the first pressing the Vinyl is available as a special limited edition with a revolutionary new printing technique complete with lyric sheet inner.  The cover is treated with an “oil painting varnish” finish which gives a real textured feel to the sleeve replicating artist Franko B’s striking paintings. This print effect is a world first for a album cover. The vinyl is moderately heavy and of high quality and the sound is mastered loud and crisp.

The CD cover utilises the same revolutionary new printing technique and comes with a deluxe CD booklet. Both packages look, feel and sound stunning and will stand out visually and sonically in any record or CD collection

Furthermore a limited amount of the earlier CD and Vinyl copies will be personally signed by the band!


Dave Jennings at Louder Than War

With one crashing blow, UK Decay have rewritten the rules of engagement for supposed ‘comeback’ albums and redefined the term ‘Punk’ for the modern age. Make no mistake about it, this is no sentimental rehash of a sound from over 30 years ago, this is a seismic explosion of anger unleashed in a sound that emanates from both Heaven and Hell depending on your current stand-point…more

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