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Introducing the new DK-Com network. ¬†Join up with a single account membership for all the UK Decay network services, including Blog, Forums, Mail Out, Store and an Independent Social Network. Once logged in you can edit your profile page, upload an avatar profile image, make ‘friends’, post and reply to topics on the forums, form discussion and topic groups and join in with our very own social network activity stream. This is similar to the ‘Wall’ or ‘News Feed’ page on FB and Twitter, there are options to post up Pictures, Videos and website links and interact with other users, with public and private messaging – just like on the mainline sites. As time goes by more functionality will be integrated.
Welcome to DK-Com version 1.0 0:

Please click here to register – some fields are required and the rest can be edited later if necessary. Don’t forget to upload your avatar, once logged in!



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