Gwubbins The Witch 3 CD Bundle

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Bundle:  Three CD set bundled for just £15.00 saving 50% Full Price normally £30.00

For Children 7 years old and upwards

Save 50% buy the complete set of three Gwubbins the witch stories on three CD’s – nearly three hours of top quality audio musical entertainment to keep your kids out of mischief. If your children enjoy a high standard of imaginative storytelling these are the tales for them! This collaboration is between top musicians and Steve Spon the producer – a mix of hilarity, drama and original songs



Gwubbins The Witch 3 Set Bundle

Gwubbins The Witch 3 Set Bundle

Gwubbins the witch is a friendly children’s character who shares her adventures with her friends. Delightful stories are embellished with interesting sound effects, music and songs. These stories amuse the whole family, and bring entertainment to car journeys or made a good bedtime story.

Gold standard quality recordings narrated with funny voices, with a variety of music styles and sound effects. Prepare for your children to be enchanted and delighted by the magical world of Gwubbins.

“Making these audio musicals was absolutely hilarious at times and we had great fun thinking up the sounds to go with the characters. At time we were in hysterics!  Ella Jo has managed to create, write and narrate a magical world that will enthral kids of 7 and upwards. I am sure the joy we had making these albums will be shared and magnified by the kids and not forgetting us older kids, listening to them”

Steve Spon


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