Karma Sutra and the Phallic Symbols

Karma Sutra -The Daydreams of a Production Line Worker

Karma Sutra -The Daydreams of a Production Line Worker Album cover

Karma Sutra

Dave Commodity  – Vox John Dickie – Guitar Lil – flute Voice Graham – Guitar Neil – Bass Bugsy?? (Note: Some of the photo’s in the gallery are not actually Karma Sutra, apologies for that, these will be corrected soon and the gallery augmented with further Karma Sutra phos and scans)

Phallic Symbols Line up

Dave Commodity – Vox Phil Crum – Guitar Dennis – Drums Steve Hero – Bass Bugsy – Vocals The Phallic Symbols were kind of ‘anarcho’ forerunners to Karma Sutra – in that Dave Commodity was the link. Really they deserve their own placeholder – this will be put right in the future. Karma Sutra and Phallic Symbols Forum

  • Karma Sutra & The Phallic Symbols Karma Sutra at the Blockers 1984 001Phallic Symbols October 82 001Phallic Symbols 002Phallic Symbols 003Phallic Symbols 004Phallic Symbols 006karma Sutra flyer 01Commodity & NeilPhallic symbols-001Nicki Karma Sutra 01Nicki Karma Sutra 02Nicki Karma Sutra 03Karma Sutra The Crystal Palace St. Albans April 1983Karma Sutra2 The Crystal Palace St. Albans April 1983Pics supplied by G. Manton All pictures in this Gallery are covered by the Copyright of their owners (G. Manton) and or on behalf of 'UK Decay Communities'Pics supplied by Gregg HerbertThe Daydreams of a Production Line Worker Album FrontKarma-Sutra-cassette-c-stonebridgeKarma-Sutra-D-Commodity-c-stonebridgeKarma-Sutra-Ddreams-flyer-c-stonebridgeKarma-Sutra-insert-c-stonebridgeKarma-Sutra-misc1-c-stonebridgeKarma-Sutra-misc2-c-stonebridgeKarma-Sutra-misc3-c-stonebridge

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