Nights Of Celebration 2017 Limited Edition

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Nights Of Celebration
2017 Limited edition LIVE CD Album

This edition is strictly limited to 50! First come first served!

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Nights For Celebration Limited Edition 2017

Nights For Celebration Limited Edition 2017

Nights Of Celebration
2017 Limited edition LIVE CD Album

The classic, ultimate and final live performance of the early period UK Decay. Live from the Klub Foot, 30 December 1982. Plus highlights from St Albans City Hall, 17 August 1982.

Nights Of Celebration was originally released in 2004 and limited to some 100 copies for UK Decay Forum members. Now a some 13 years later in 2017 owing to popular demand we have sanctioned another limited edition run of a further fifty

copies available on a first come first served basis.

“This album-length cassette catches their very last performanceat the Klub Foot where they promised, “it may be sad, but the best is yet to come.”The whole gig’s here and apart from the disorientating effect that onstage echo has on my

tape recorder, it’s a pristine sound. Nice clear vocals, deep twangy bass, striking drumming and flowery, expressive guitar; the Decay hallmarks.”
Melody Maker 1983

1     Unwind
2     Werewolf
3     Dresden
4     Barbarian
5     Barbarians
6     Sexual
7     Stage Struck
8     Rising From The Dead
9     Twist In The Tale
10     Unexpected Guest
11     Testament
12    Black Cat
13    UK Decay
14     For My Country
15    Unwind


Nights For Celebration-Label

Nights For Celebration-Label

Recorded At – Klub Foot Hammersmith Clarendon and St Albans City Hall
Originally released as a cassette Album in 1983 and on members release CD in 2004.



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