“During one furniture-moving incident, not
the least spooky part of the experience (not-
counting the pubertal turmoil of the teenage
girl) was the fact that we were playing a tape
of David Bowie’s Low at the time. It was
years before I could listen to it again with

It’s not the scariest piece of music I’ve
heard – that honour goes to an EP by the
long-forgotten UK Decay.

The intro to the song called “Rising From
the Dead
”, features several minutes of
atmosphere with what sounded like some
fiendish Black Shuck tearing his prey to
pieces. After one listening, I could never
endure more than about 15 seconds of it

By Suzi Feay Independent Magazine ’ABC’ , 24th July 2005
“She’s buying a Stairway to Heaven- and other Ghost Stories”

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